Thoughts on Early Morning Flights

Six A.M. flights are always hard to get up for. It is one of those things you just do when there are a limited amount of flights that are headed to a small regional airport like ours. When we fly from the westcoast back to the midwest, it goes somewhat like this.

4:00 AM: Wake up and get ready
4:30 AM: Leave the house for the airport
5:00 AM: Grab breakfast at the airport lounge
5:30 AM: Board flight
6:30 AM: Take off
12:30 PM PST: Land at MSP and have a 2-3 hour layover
2:30 PM: Board regional flight
3:30 PM: Land at our tiny tiny airport
4:20 PM: Arrive home from the long drive

Flying back out to the midwest is about an entire days worth of travelling; albeit worth it when it’s for love. This April trip will be the longest i’ve spent in the midwest. Forty five days of spending time with my S.O. doing the mundane things. We registered for a marriage-prep course that’s happening this Saturday that our church recommended we take as preparing for married life. More on that in another post.

Right now i’m sitting in the MSP lounge waiting for my next flight. Hoping to catch a quick nap after eating lunch; the soup and salad combo is mediocre at best, but it’s peaceful here with a fantastic view of the planes taking off and landing on the tarmac.

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