Thoughts on Marriage Preparation

There are currently 131 days until we say our “I Do’s” and plenty of things on our list that still needs to be done. This past weekend we just crossed off another major item off our list; marriage preparation course. A lot of my non-religious friends have asked me about what it entails since it’s not customary for non-religious couples to engage actively in a marriage preparation course. I have to say that after attending, my eyes are more open about what marriage will look like for us. I can say that we are now better equipped with tools to help us navigate the trials of marriage. However, there are also parts of the course that we didn’t particularly agree with like the financial parts and the natural family planning methods. Proceed with caution and do your own research!

The fiancĂ© realized after chatting with other spouses who’ve taken these courses that it’s sort of like a rite of passage. Couples take this course but realize like us that parts of it is a load of bull *pardon my profanity”. However, everyone goes through with it so that they can get the certificate to be allowed to marry within the Catholic Church.

Super glad we are finished with this and can finally move on to the actual planning of the ceremony. I think overall, the most important thing is to know your partner and the most helpful thing we got out of taking one of these courses is that we learned a lot about each other’s personality inventory and conflict management skills. I actually feel a lot closer to my partner after all this. So maybe it wasn’t so bad after-all.


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