December in the Mid-West

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. Aside from Jesus Christ being born, I love how all the malls and community centres are all centred around bringing the holiday spirit out. It’s one of those nostalgic seasons for me because I grew up celebrating this season, putting up the Christmas tree with holiday music chiming in the background and it’s also that time of year where family and friends gather together.

This year was extra special because it’s the first time S.O. and I get to spend our first Christmas together. I will also be travelling to Wisconsin for about two weeks prior to Christmas to spend some down-time with S.O. Luckily for me, I won’t need to use up all my vacation because our office closes down for the rest of the year on the 20th until after the new year so that means I get to take just one week off to get almost a month-long vacation; yay!

Snow in the mid-west is definitely different than snow in the west-coast. This year, we had an unexpected DUMP of snow on the west coast and boy were we unprepared for it. Our city obviously doesn’t put snow on their priority list when allocation their budget which means all the salt is sold out across the city. How lovely… we still have 3 months of winter to go.

On the brighter side, I was leaving Vancouver for Wisconsin over the next two weeks and was looking forward to what snow will be like. And gosh it did not disappoint! Snow was BEAUTIFUL in the mid-west, no doubt due to the colder climate. Far in the distance, it looked like fairy dust blowing along like fog on a clear day.

I boarded the first flight out at 6am and flew into Minneapolis for a layover and then headed out on a regional jet to CWA. From there, we had arranged for a driver to pick me up because S.O. was on a wards rotation. The drive from the airport back to our small town is about 40 minutes and it’s a pretty scenic route.

Two weeks flew by fast and our time together was filled with home-baked chocolate chip cookies, home-cooked dinner everyday, movie dates during snow storms and just plain old being together. Life here is slow and mundane but each time I visit I become more accustomed to it.

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