Thoughts on Long Distance

I never imagined myself to be dating someone cross-borders, but here I am in that very situation. I keep reminding myself that this is temporary and it’s the choice we’ve made and we’re going to try to figure out this long-distance thing together. After all, three long years of residency in a small town in the middle of America was going to be trying for my S.O. and I. However, I am thankful for our ability to time manage our schedules and that my work grants me enough vacation to be able to travel about 2 months in the year to visit him.

One of the great things about a doctors schedule is that he receives his entire years rotation schedule in July. In a way, it has been the saving grace of planning when he can be flying back home and when I’d be able to fly down to see him. A great tip I learned from a colleague of mine was to tag vacation days onto a long weekend so that you get that extra day of face-time. I’d like to say that we’ve become efficient in coordinating our life and one of the things that has kept me sane all these months is our shared calendar of events. In a way, it gives us (probably only me) a peace of mind of knowing where he is instead of wondering why he’s not answering his phone.

It’s been a couple months and so far it’s been great. I visited him during the labour day long weekend when he was on his anesthesia rotation and we drove out to a couple other cities. I have to say that my first time in Wisconsin was pretty interesting. It reminded me of Calgary, a province where there is pretty much farmland everywhere. I’ve never seen so many cows in my life, nor have I ever gotten ice cream straight from the dairy farm. Fresh ice cream was one of my highlights. Of course, this is all awe-stuck for me since I am a big city girl. I have to say though that I quite enjoyed my time and am looking forward to visiting and experiencing life in the mid-west in December. I wonder what the snow situation would be like.

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