Trip Interruptions and How to Deal

What better way to end quarter-end reporting than to book a side trip during Victoria Day long-weekend and then visit the S.O. This trip was planned months in advance with a girlfriend of mine and the plan was to fly to New York for several days and then we would go our separate way. I would fly to CWA and my girlfriend would fly to Toronto to meet her boyfriend.

But how do you deal with a death in the family two days prior to your trip? I was contemplating whether or not to cancel New York and just stay in town for the funeral and then fly directly to CWA. However, that leaves my girlfriend stranded in New York city by herself for 4 days; huge dilemma. I have to note that it was my S.O’s grandma that passed and so my S.O. would have to fly back as well.

Thanks to CHASE, we were able to rebook my ticket with no change fee; yay (we saved $250). However, the cost of having to fly back to Vancouver was an additional cost. Thankfully I was able to still make it to New York albeit a bit shorter trip than expected and was still able to come back in time for the funeral. Looking back, I wouldn’t have done it any differently. I was also willing to just cancel the trip if all else failed because this was a trying time for my S.O. It would become a significant event that would bring us closer together. It showed us that despite the sadness that ensued, we still stood strong in the worst of things. To be able to support your significant other through trying times is a huge testament to how far we’ve grown in our relationship; how we managed the stress and how we came together as one unit.

Has anyone ever been in this situation before?

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